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Chatter monitoring

Chatter is a common vibration phenomenon in machine tools, as well as one of the main causes of machining quality decline.

Chatter is a dynamic instability phenomenon by which the forces that occur during machining processes “supply” energy to the system; the same energy can cause rapid and uncontrolled vibration.

Chatter is determined by parameters such as cutting depth and rotational speed. Work stability is usually ensured by a combination of these two parameters.

When it comes to machining process, it is essential to be able to “push” a machine tool to its maximum, enhancing the two parameters. But it is also necessary to have systems capable of reacting immediately when chatter is detected.

Beyond monitoring and damage prevention, it is also important to gather data concerning machine behavior, to determine the ongoing issues and apply the appropriate solution.

Definitive these matters and more it can set in place an advanced accelerometer, such as the FastTracer, or a universal data acquisition module, the Sequoia DAQ.

Sequoia IT offers other solutions for this advanced monitoring, such as the SeTAC MT , e-Sensor System e Toolinspect.