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Naval Vibration Monitoring

One of the most common and dreaded problems on board ships is the high level of vibration.

Ships produce mainly two types of vibration: machinery vibration (as a result of the engine and its components’ movement) and hull vibration (as a result of bending, shearing and torsion of the ship structure).

The two most noticeable effects this vibration has on the ship is structural fatigue and discomfort of crew/passengers.

In the past, some ships have not been used or have been discarded for years due to an unacceptable level of vibrations, making them unsafe for operation.

Design techniques have changed ever since, to reduce the intensity of vibration levels, resulting in a longer and better lifespan of the ship.

Sequoia IT offers precise solutions for noise and vibration detection, such as FastTracer line and Sequoia DAQ Line.