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Spindles and tools imbalance

Imbalance in spindles and tools, such as grinding wheels, is a major cause of excessive vibration in machine tools.

Excessive imbalance occurs when the rotational axis of the spindle or the tool diverges from its barycentric axis. As a result, these vibrations decrease the machining-process quality and bring about premature wear and tear of components on a machine tool.

This makes consistent imbalance monitoring of in spindles and tools essential. SeTAC MT and e-Sensor System from Sequoia IT are powerful and easy to install solutions to monitor spindle imbalance and several other vibration parameters.

For many types of tools such as grinding wheels, it is also necessary to correct the balancing level of the machine itself, since some parts wear down may cause variations in mass distribution. Sequoia IT’s FastTracer Balancer option provides an immediate solution for on-site balancing. As this solution requires no phase reading via tachometric sensors, it can be used for a broad range of machine tools.

It is a must when it comes to fixed or semi-fixed installations for those machines that require frequent balancing operations. Sequoia IT offers other solutions for this advanced monitoring, such as the SeTAC Machine Tool Line, the e-Sensor Line and the Toolinspect Line.