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Structural Dynamics – OMA

Operational Modal Analysis (OMA), together with Operational Deflection Shape (ODS ), is a technique used to identify the modal parameters (natural frequencies, damping, and mode shapes) of a structure or object during its ordinary operations. By measuring and understanding the modal parameters, engineers, architects and designers can help create structures, machines and devices that perform better, last longer, and are more comfortable for their users or occupants. By using this technique, together with ODS, it’s possible to define potential and unexpected misbehaviors coming from specific mechanical properties of a structure or happening because of a forcing that excites the system. This technique can be applied in several different fields, such as:

  • Naval
  • Industrial
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Civil
  • Laboratory.

Sequoia IT offers precise solutions for this advanced technique, such as the DAQ Line.