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UNI 9614 – Human comfort in buildings

This norm defines the internal or external vibrations’ measuring method and the evaluation criteria of a building inhabitants’ discomfort induced by vibration phenomena.

It applies to all the sources that may originate structural vibration (for example rail and road traffic, working industrial machine tools, construction site activities, explosions, generic human activities, etc.).

Vibration measurement and monitoring play a pivotal role in the field of civil engineering. Buildings and other structures may be subjected to vibrations from different sources, such as road traffic, rail traffic, nearby worksites or mines; in the case of large structures such as bridges, levees and high-rises, seismic events and strong winds.

The vibrations produced by these elements can cause structural damage and create distress to nearby residents. Our GEA II System is a highly versatile vibration monitoring solution intended for a very wide range of needs in the civil engineering sector.

Sequoia IT offers advanced solutions for this monitoring field, such as the GEA Line. Read more.