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UNI 9916 – Structural damage

Vibration measurement and monitoring play a pivotal role in the field of civil engineering. Buildings and other structures may be subjected to vibrations from different sources, such as road traffic, rail traffic, nearby worksites or mines; in the case of large structures such as bridges, levees and high-rises, seismic events and strong winds.

The vibrations produced by these elements can cause structural damage and create distress to nearby residents. In the last few years, civil structures’ vibration monitoring has gained a major importance in relation to modern buildings (that are currently lighter thanks to a smarter use of appropriate materials with better resistance to wear) and the increase of vibration sources such as: construction sites, mines, industrial machine tools, rail and road traffic.

The latter may cause the distress of a place inhabitants and/or, even worse, the damaging of the nearby structures. Structural damage of civil buildings is rarely attributed to vibration phenomena only, most often it’s the result of interplaying of several causes.

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