Naval Vibration Monitoring
Naval vibration level control, to reduce components wear and sudden malfunction.
Vehicle NVH
Vibration and noise detection and analysis on private and commercial vehicles
Condition monitoring
Vibration analysis technique for general diagnostics and predictive maintenance.
Structural Dynamics – OMA
Advanced technique to identify malfunction and sudden behaviors in machine tools.
Structural Dynamics – ODS
Machine control devices to identify design flaws and malfunction.
Chatter monitoring
Dynamic instability monitoring on machine tools
Components wear monitoring
Accurate wearing monitoring of spindles
Collision monitoring
Collision risk monitoring on machine tools
Spindles and tools imbalance
Imbalance detection on spindles and machine tools components
Construction sites
Working environment where vibration monitoring is crucial for buildings stability and workers safety.
Monitoring of activities in mines and caves
UNI 9614 – Human comfort in buildings
Buildings vibration measurements from external and internal sources for people discomfort evaluation.
UNI 9916 – Structural damage
Appropriate measuring methods on the effects of vibrations in buildings, UNI 9916 compliant.
Vibrational monitoring systems made of several measuring point throughout tunnels
Large infrastructures
Continuous monitoring of large infrastructures such as bridges, dams, high-rises and power plants
Structural Dynamics – Modal Analysis
Dynamic behavior study of structures for modal parameters assessment