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DAQ Line

USB-powered compact and portable universal DAQ modules. These modules are ideal for high precision noise, vibration and signal measurements.

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The advantages

Why Sequoia DAQ

Input IEPE

The module comes with 4 24-bit high dynamic A/D Delta Sigma analog inputs that allow for synchronous acquisition, with a sampling rate of 52,7 kHz

USB-powered, Plug&Play

The SQD-41 doesn’t require proprietary connectors to be powered. It works by just plugging it to a USB source, such as a laptop.

Digital Counter Encoder Input

The module has a counter/encoder input

High quality, great price

The SQD-41 will make your measurements as price conscious as possible, launching at a competitive price compared to its reference market

Multiple Modules Synchronization

It’s possible to connect multiple SQD-41S modules to synchronize more than one acquisition of sound and vibration input data at the same time.

Data acquisition and analysis software included with the modules

Data acquisition and analysis software included

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Sequoia Solution

New Software integration

  • 3D Visualization and Spectrogram
  • Multiwindow Complex Analysis
  • Custom 3D Filters
  • Order Analysis
  • Signal Generator
  • Time FFT with Slice Extraction
  • FRF Magnitude & Phase
  • FRF Real and Imaginary Part
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DAQ Line



Small and portable universal data acquisition modules, powered via USB port, ideal for dynamic measurements of noise, vibrations and high precision signals

Sensors to be combined with SDQ-41 / SQD-41S

Different varieties of sensors for the detection of all types of quantities and dynamic measurements