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e-Sensor Line

e-Sensor Line is the result of our multiyear experience in the vibration analysis field, the same sector that in which our clients entrust us.The core of the system is the e-Sensor itself, an advanced sensor developed with Edge Computing technology. As a standalone or paired with compatible products, the e-Sensor Line is capable of satisfy any request.

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E-Sensor System

e-Sensor Line

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The advantages

Why e-Sensor Line?

Modular and versatile

e-Sensor Systems are the best allies in any predictive maintenance application. Thanks to the RS485 Bus it’s possibleto connect up to 32 sensors of different types and dimensions. The compatible modules can be power sensors, strain sensorsor oil sensors. This flexibility and modularity make the e-Sensor System an incredible tool in any given application.

Industry 4.0

IoT System manageable remotely thanks to its various network connection options (GPRS, WiFi and/or LAN Ethernet). The System is also Industry 4.0 compliant, allowing the user to take advantage of tax incentives.

Collision detection <1 ms

With the fastest collision detection system, the sensor prevents expensive incidents from happening, reducing or eliminating potential breakdowns.

High Quality

Quality products designed and made in Italy, IP67 protection rating and European Community electromagnetic compatibility compliance.

Edge computing

Digital sensors developed with cutting-edge technology that combines detection capabilities with calculation and communication functionalities. The ideal solution to optimize cloud computing systems shifting a part of the calculations from the core to the sensor.

Industrial standard compliant

The sensor has passed strict standard analysis, making it ISO 10816 and ISO 20816 compliant.

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Sequoia Solution

Web Monitoring

An advanced service that allows the user to access the machine controls remotely in any moment, either through smartphone, tablet or PC. Transform your data in graphs, control your machine as if you were next to it and verify its ordinary operations. The perfect service that nullifies distances while easing a perfect control.

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Sensors and Interface

e-Sensor sensor

Thanks to the integrated processor and the high performance MEMS accelerometer, e-Sensor is the perfect tool for vibrational monitoring of your business assets.


Industrial PLC, which has several analog / digital inputs and outputs, available in different versions

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e-Sensor System M.T. (Machine Tools)

With the great advantage of always obtaining updated data in real time, on site or directly from your company server

E-Sensor System C.M. (Condition Monitoring)

By exploiting the potential of the e-Interface, you can control various variables, such as the general health of the machines.