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Triaxial Vibration Analyzer

FastTracer Line

The FastTracer is a simple and clever solution in the vibration analyzers field. Thanks to MEMS technology, Sequoia IT packs a triaxial sensor and an A/D converter within the same device. Vibrations data are transfered directly to the PC through a simple USB, making the FastTracer a simple but still advanced vibration analyzer; it’s ideal for predictive maintenance activities, vibrational diagnostics and R&D work.

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The advantages

Why FastTracer

USB-powered, Plug&Play

Always connected online through your PC

Easy to use

Compact, portable and ready to go

Competitive price

MEMS technology in a friendly and affordable package

Triaxial Data Acquisition

Obtain a complete analysis of your measurements


WiFi communication, thanks to the optional connectivity module FastWi

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Sequoia Solution

New Software Integration

  • Real time data and signal analysis
  • Import and export of signal files in several different formats •
  • Incorporated Julia Language Scripting
  • Optimized FFT Algorithm
  • Time and Spectrogram FFT functions
  • 3D Signal Filter
  • Many statistics functions
  • Advanced Signal Visualization
  • Custom and shareable workspaces
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FastTracer Line

FastTracer Sensor

The triaxial sensor is developed in MEMS technology. This guarantees a high robustness of the system capable of withstanding shocks up to 10,000