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Sequoia GEA Line Solutions

GEA Line

GEA is a complete solution for vibration measurement, monitoring and analysis in the civil engineering field. This excellent system helps managing many different activities, from a simple in place measurement to the development of complex monitoring networks.

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The advantages

why GEA line?

USB-powered, Plug&Play

The GEA sensor doesn’t require any special connector to send data and be powered; all it needs is a USB cable connected to a power source, such as a laptop computer.

Easy to use

Thanks to the two included software, GEALab and GEAReport for data acquisition and analysis, measurements will be rapid, easy and effective.


Thanks to its IP68 protection rating, the GEA sensor is pressure resistant, dustproof and waterproof up to 3 meters under water.


The GEA Monitoring Box system, made of many SynkHub modules, an incorporated computer and preinstalled software, allows the user to connect and synchronize up to 16 sensors at the same time, for a precise and accurate monitoring.

Remote monitoring control

With its WiFi and GPRS routers and modules, being able to monitor events in real time has never been easier.

Versatile (available in many different versions)

There are lots of civil engineering applications where GEA sensor is a champion: Large Infrastructures Monitoring (bridges, dams, high rises), Construction sites monitoring, Structural Damage analysis and much more.

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GEA Line


Thanks to the MEMS-PIEZO hybrid technology it shows excellent characteristics in terms of background noise, high dynamic range thanks to the Sigma Delta 24


The GEA sensor has the advantage over traditional measuring systems that it can be connected directly to the PC on which it is installed


The GEA-Lab is the software for the acquisition and analysis of the data received by the GEA sensors

Monitoring boxes

SEQUOIA IT has the ability to assemble, upon specific request, systems ready for long-term monitoring