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Smart solutions for vibration monitoring

We believe that knowledge is the first step towards progress. This is the reason why we choose to specialize in the development and the creation of the best measuring and monitoring solutions.

This very approach allowed us to create our sensors as unique as possible, by not just being capable of detecting vibrations but also by elaborating data efficiently for every application.By doing so, Sequoia IT is today among the well-known international leading manufacturers in the dynamic monitoring and measurement field.

Sequoia sensors, developed largely with MEMS technology, stand out for their strong integration within the sensor, that includes digitization, elaboration and memorization of signal on the same electronic component.

Our sensor detects the vibrational value and processes it based on specific application requirements. Digitization makes sensor integration very easy, by allowing it to communicate with several control systems through different types of protocols.

Sequoia products can be used in a lot of different application sectors, such as machine tools vibration monitoring, industrial vibration monitoring forpredictive maintenanceand vibration monitoring in the civil engineering sector. Our staffis made of highly passionate professionals, always ready to meet specific requests of clients by developing and delivering the best custom solutions.

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Measure is knowledge. Knowledge is the first step towards progress and success. This is Sequoia’s mission, delivered through high quality products and services. Walking together with its collaborators and clients towards innovation.

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Sequoia’s vision is to become the reference standard in the field of precision sensors and DAQ measurements and analysis. By developing a mutual trust and collaboration with clients, based on clear communication and quality know-how, the only option is to reach the best results possible.

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Our solutions in more than 30 locations around the World

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From its Italian headquarters, Sequoia works all around the world serving its clients directly or in collaboration with selected commercial partners