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The very first collision detection system

Linea SeTAC

The consistent vibration monitoring on machine tools provides important information on the health of the machine and its components, on manufacturing process quality and correct use by the operator.

SeTAC (SEQUOIA Triaxial Acceleration Computer) is a compact and complete tool that, installed directly on the machine, is able to measure, analyze and memorize the most significant vibratory phenomena of machine tools.

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Sequoia Solution


<1 ms Response speed

The fastest system of its kind, it detects collisions and prevents them from happening.

Wide Events Logfile (12.000)

Saving and memorization of 12.000 collision and threshold exceeding events within the sensor. The single events are easily identified, since they are segmented as 4000 set collision threshold exceeding events and 8000 as just threshold exceeding events.

Digital data communication (possibility to integrate it to the CNC)

It’s possible to integrate the digital data directly to the CNC, thanks to our Full Interfaces,<br /> making complex controls and precise work processes possible.

Configurable scenarios

Up to 4 configurable scenarios allow to adjust user set limits automatically, based on the main processes and working tools.

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Kit Functionality

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SeTAC Machine Tool Lines

Black Box KIT

The SeTAC Basic Kit is the simple and ideal solution to monitor and record all vibrational events and collisions that may occur

Advanced KIT

The Advanced interface adds 3 Relay outputs to the "Black Box" functionality

Full KIT

The "Full" interface, which includes all the features of the other interfaces, makes the SeTAc a complete and sophisticated system for vibrational control on