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Self-adaptive machine tool monitoring system


Combining static and numerical methods, we ensure a safe and self-adaptive machine tool process monitoring It is possible to perform axis and spindle torque multivariable evaluation; all this makes it a great industrial leading asset.

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The advantages

Why Toolinspect Line

Automatic self-setting

Automatic adapted and optimized process monitoring

All Bus connectors are compatible

It’s possible to connect different Bus variants (Profibus-DP, Profinet, ModBus and many more)

Multilanguage system

There are 21 languages to choose from, even during the operations in progess


Operations become easy, thanks to automatic threshold calculations and automatically selected monitoring modes

Tool break

Tool break detection, monitored with multivariable evaluations (feed force and torque force)

Independent system

Digital control data are obtained without the help of any sensor, except for vibration monitoring that needs specific modules


Tridimensional collision detection (3D) and vibrations evaluation

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Product overview


Tool break monitoring

Tool breaks are detected in the cutting process “online” without any time delay. This leads to a reduction of rejects and machine damage. Control data is digitally extracted and analyzed, so no sensors are necessary. The necessary monitoring strategies are automatically selected by Toolinspect. These consist of a combination of numerical and statistical methods for the sensitive detection of signal changes.

Tool wear monitoring

Reduce tooling costs by effectively preventing tool breaks with Toolinspect’s built-in wear monitoring. Wear data of individual tools can be analyzed and documented in a specific way.

Connectivity module

Using TCP-IP connection, all data from Toolinspect are forwarded to downstream to a server preselected.

Machine condition analysis

The machine condition analysis can be used cyclically (e.g., once a week) to record axle forces and then compare them to values already stored. In principle, other sources of signals, such as vibration values are made available for example with a SeTAC sensor.

Adaptive feed control

Safe and easy, Toolinspect promises in daily use. This also applies to the adaptive control, thanks to fully automatic optimization of a machining process.

Control-integrated process analysis

Reduction of optimization times through targeted analyses already in the machine, thereby increasing the transparency of the process.

Process documentation and evaluation

Improving the traceability of process data by storing processing data, for example: serial number-specific (DMC code).

SeTAC collision sensor pairment

Three-dimensional collision detection (3-dimensional) and vibration evaluation. Process or tool-specific limits can be set. Direct, fast, digital communication with the Toolinspect Box allows fast response times.

More add-on modules are available, contacts us to find out more.

The Toolinspect sensor has numerous applications. Find out here: